HAL-RAR: Trilogy

Product category: Coloproctology


One device. All kinds of advantages
Trilogy – A.M.I.’s third generation HAL-RAR
New Bluetooth technology for wireless Doppler ultrasound
Improved light sources for better visibility
Clearer Doppler signal for easier artery detection
Enlarged opening and greater working space for easier suturing
Optimizes the workflow in theater

Locate. Ligate. Lift.

  • Comfort and convenience for the patient
  • Comfort and convenience for the surgeon


The new wireless way to treat hemorrhoids.

The third generation of HAL-RAR equipment combines all the advantages of these procedures with the world’s first wireless technology for Doppler-guided treatment of hemorrhoids. For surgeons, TRILOGY represents the ultimate in flexbility and operating comfort: a Bluetooth connection between the small, easy-to-handle device and a separate loudspeaker allows them to hear the system’s signals for precise, customized detection of hemorrhoidal arteries while enjoying absolute freedom to maneuver the unit and attached probe as required. In addition, the absence of a cable – which acts as an antenna for surrounding electromagnetic radiation – means the equipment is less sensitive to interference and the arteries can be heard more clearly than ever before.

Trilogy’s innovative design also provides more space for easier suturing and greatly improved visibility. The new geometry and state-of-the-art LEDs combine to give the surgeon the best possible view of the surgical site.

For patients, HAL-RAR offers a safe and gentle alternative to conventional treatment methods that provides effective relief from all the symptoms of hemorrhoids, even in the more advanced stages. The Hemorrhoidal Artery Ligation (HAL) and mucopexy of prolapsing mucosa (RAR = Recto Anal Repair) can be tailored to suit each individual patient, and carried out in one procedure under local anesthetic depending on the patient and prevailing healthcare system.

Since the introduction of these minimally-invasive methods, over 100,000 patients have been treated with them worldwide. The operation can be tailored to suit each individual patient and achieves excellent results in terms of effectiveness, patient-friendliness and safety, which are reflected in the consistently high rates of patient satisfaction shown in the literature. Published data* shows that patient satisfaction also has a statistically-significant correlation with the number of ligations made – a finding that reflects the importance of searching thoroughly for the hemorrhoidal arteries.  This means that you, as the surgeon, are in control and able to offer each patient the ideal, completely customized therapy.

Considering the large number of procedures, the safety record to date is quite remarkable with not one major complication reported as having been caused by HAL-RAR.


  • Successful treatment of the main symptoms – bleeding, itching and pain – with HAL
  • Successful treatment of the prolapse with RAR


  • Very low pain
  • Quick recovery


  • Few intra-operative complications
  • Few post-operative complications