A.M.I. United States

The US branch of Agency for Medical Innovations Inc. (A.M.I.) was established in July 2008 to provide US hospitals and surgeons a selection of innovative medical devices manufactured by A.M.I. Austria. Based in Marblehead, Massachusetts, 18 miles northeast of Boston, we market, sell and service A.M.I. products throughout the US. The first product launched by our company was the HAL-RAR system for treatment of hemorrhoids. This system offers advantages over other alternative treatments for both surgeons and patients.

A.M.I. US has a dedicated sales force located in various cities throughout the country. Our sales force provides information and education about our products and associated procedures. Our dedicated sales people are trained by doctors and engineers in Austria who have had many years of experience with the products.

In addition to our dedicated sales force, we work with a select group of highly professional independent US sales representatives. These individuals have completed the A.M.I. comprehensive training program.

All of us involved with A.M.I. are committed to the mission of improving patient care. We have seen that our products do make a positive difference for both surgeons and patients.

Our Mission

A.M.I.’s mission is to improve the quality of patient care by developing innovative products and treatment methods for surgical application.

From the concept stage through to the completion of research and development, A.M.I. is assisted by a group of experienced medical professionals to ensure that all our products meet the highest expectations of future patients.

A.M.I.’s products and methods must meet at least one of the following criteria:

  • Minimally-invasive
  • Achieve better results
  • Effect less pain
  • Require shorter recovery time
  • Enhance the safety of an already established method

Your safety, your recovery, your well-being is our concern!

Our Products

A.M.I. products combine ingenuity and state of the art manufacturing and quality controls. It’s modern “green” headquarters and manufacturing facility reflects its concerns for both people and the environment.

Products for General Surgery and Coloproctology are presently available in the US.

A.M.I. innovative products have applications in the following medical fields:

  • Coloproctology
  • General Surgery

Our products that are presently available in the US adhere to all FDA requirements.